Loan Origination Made Easy With Crosby Consulting

Embarking on a new property purchase is a significant step, and having various financing and loan origination options available makes the process smoother.

With our expertise in loan origination, we at Crosby Consulting work as your trusted counsel to help with loan origination services, helping you source an option that best suits your needs. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or want to refinance, we help bridge the gap with trusted lenders and provide access to a wide array of mortgage types, including:

  • Conventional Mortgage Loans

  • Fannie Mae Mortgage Loans

  • FHA Mortgage Loans

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Private Loans

  • Loans For Foreign Nationals

Crosby Consulting is committed to helping you secure the financing you need, not just in Southwest Florida’s Punta Gorda, Charlotte, and Lee Counties but also throughout the Greater Detroit region. We work as your ally in finding the right mortgage solution for your real estate journey.

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Loan Origination FAQ 

You have questions about the loan origination process. We have answers!


Q: Does Crosby Consulting provide direct lending for mortgages?

A: No, Florida Dream Living and Investments does not provide direct lending. However, we can guide you through the mortgage process and help connect you with trusted lenders.

Q: What practices should I implement to establish a solid credit history?

A: To build a strong credit history, maintain steady employment, avoid large purchases and credit applications that result in hard inquiries, pay all bills on time, keep credit card balances low, and save for a down payment.

Q: How should I manage my debts and accounts during the mortgage application process?

A: Ensure timely payments on all your bills, do not incur additional debts, and avoid changing your checking or savings accounts. Also, refrain from co-signing for any loans or credit applications.

Q: What should I be cautious of regarding credit applications during the mortgage process?

A: Avoid applying for new credit, as hard inquiries can negatively impact your credit score.

Q: How can a higher credit score affect my mortgage application?

A: A higher credit score helps you qualify for the most favorable lending terms, potentially saving you money over the life of your loan.

Q: Are there any purchases I should avoid while applying for a mortgage?

A: Yes, delay buying vehicles, furniture, or making substantial purchases until after you have closed on your property.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid doing with my bank accounts while applying for a mortgage?

A: Avoid making more significant than usual deposits or changes to your bank accounts, as these can raise red flags for lenders.

Q: What general advice should I follow throughout the property-buying process?

A: Save as much as possible for a down payment, and avoid making significant purchases or changes to your financial situation until the property officially closes.

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